Registration and payment will be done via the ESRA system of the University of Graz on their website. The organizers will never ask the participants to transfer money by e-mail or phone.

Participation in the teacher’s day is free, we still ask participants to register through the university’s system.

The deadline for submitting a presentation is 7/15/2023. There is a template:


which you should submit by sending it by email to oemgtagung2023 (A) The time allotted to a presentation (excluding plenary presentations) is 25 minutes.

Please refer to the following table for conference fees:

  (before 31.05.2023)  
  (after 01.06.2023)  
ÖMG Member€ 235,00€ 270,00
Student, ÖMG Member  € 115,00€ 135,00
Regular € 280,00€ 320,00
PhD-student     € 135,00€ 170,00
Accompanying person€ 100,00€ 100,00
Teacher’s dayno feeno fee